Inflatable Water Slide Paradise: Adult and Kids Slides for Sale

Splashing into summer has never been more fun! You and your family are in for an epic adventure of slip-sliding thrills on some of the biggest, baddest inflatable water slides around. This summer, make a splash and turn your backyard into an inflatable water park paradise. With commercial-grade slides for both kids and adults, you’ll be riding the waves of excitement all season long. From long, winding tube slides and splash pools to inflatable water trampolines and obstacle courses, we’ve got you covered for hours of wet and wild entertainment. Forget the queues and entry fees of crowded public water parks – with these inflatable beauties, the best water park in town will be your own backyard! Slip, slide and splash your way into a summer you’ll never forget. The kids will be thrilled, the adults will be kids again, and the laughter and joy will last long after the slides have been put away. This summer, go big or go home – it’s time to ride the thrills of the best inflatable water slides for sale in Australia!

Best Adult Inflatable Water Slides: Make a Splash This Summer

Looking for an exciting new attraction for your amusement park or recreation centre? Commercial inflatable water slides are an fantastic option for kids and families in Australia. Here are three of the top slides guaranteed to thrill:

The Triple Lane Racer is perfect for competitions and races. Three separate slide lanes let kids and families race each other to the splash pool at the bottom. Made of durable, UV-resistant vinyl, this 18-metre slide can handle up to three riders at a time.

If a pirate-themed adventure is more your style, check out the Pirate Themed Adult Slide. Aye matey, at 13 feet high this be the ultimate pirate ship water slide! Walk the plank into a pool of refreshing water. Shiver me timbers, this pirate slide offers the best value for swashbuckling summer fun.

The cliff hanger is a massive, winding slide that will have riders screaming with delight. Twists and turns galore before a big splash at the end if needed. This crowd-pleaser is available in heights up to 9-metres, the tallest inflatable water slide for sale in our inventory.

What it needs to make a real splash

If you want to make a real splash, the Splashdown Pool Slide dumps riders into an inflatable pool at the end of the run. Kids and families will love splashing and playing in the pool after their thrilling slide. Suitable for all ages, this colourful 15-metre slide is a perfect addition to any water park or outdoor space.

For an affordable option, the 11m x 5m Dual Lane Tube Slide from inflatable slides Australia can’t be beat. Nearly 36 feet long, this bright yellow slide lets you race side by side. It’s rated as the top budget-friendly slide and delivers fast, free shipping so you’ll be splashing in no time.

Inflatable water slides offer an exciting activity for people of all ages at an affordable price. Custom slides and pools are also available to suit the specific needs of your location. Made of durable, climate-suitable materials, commercial inflatable water slides for sale in Australia provide seasons of splashing fun for families and kids.

Large Water Slides for Sale: Perfect for Events and Parties

You want your next party or event to be unforgettable? An inflatable water slide is just the thing to make a splash! Giant commercial slides, some up to 9 meters high, will transform your backyard into an adrenaline-filled water park paradise.

These monster slides are perfect for school fetes, community events, or just an epic birthday bash. Kids and adults alike will be lining up for hours of slip-sliding fun. Designed for heavy use, these durable slides can handle hundreds of riders a day.

Safety is ensured with reinforced stitching, multiple anchor points, and non-slip surfaces. But don’t worry, the thrill factor is still sky high! Twisty tubes, steep drops and splash pools will have everyone squealing with delight.

When the fun’s done, these space-saving slides deflate for easy storage until the next party. They’re a snap to set up too, inflating in just a few minutes.

Make a huge splash at your next event with an inflatable water slide from Australia’s leading manufacturers. We have slides for sale to suit any space and budget. Your guests will be raving about the best party ever! An inflatable water paradise is the perfect crowd-pleaser for unforgettable summer fun.

Elevate your next party or event with a giant commercial water slide. It’s the sure way to make a splash with guests of all ages! These durable, safety-tested slides will transform your venue into an aquatic thrill park for hours of slip-sliding excitement.

Top 3 Commercial Inflatable Water Slides for Kids and Families In Australia

Make a Big Splash This Summer

Are you looking to make an epic splash this summer? Then you need an adult inflatable water slide! These massive slides are perfect for thrill-seeking adults and big kids alike.

Slide into summer fun with the Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide manufactured comply to Australian Standards. At over 18 feet long, this monster slide is perfect for racing your friends. Its heavy-duty PVC construction can handle even the biggest splashes. This premium slide is worth every penny for the hours of entertainment it provides.

If something more with exciting slide your kids wish for . The 20 feet high double bay wet and dry slide gives best of both worlds. The ability to use the slide as wet and dry gives users opportunity to use it at any season of the year.

If you are seeking a budget option the cheap inflatable water slide or the cheap inflatable water slide for family will serve your purpose more. More affordable slide yet not lacking any excitement that the big boys offer . These 2 slides will make your kids dream come true.

Whichever slide you choose, make sure to wear proper swimwear, sunscreen, and safety gear like helmets or life jackets. Once inflated, lubricate the slide with dish soap and water to maximise your speed. Climb the ladder, take a deep breath, and plunge into a thrilling ride you’ll want to take again and again!

This summer, don’t settle for a kiddie pool or slip and slide. Treat your thrill-seeking self to an epic inflatable water slide and make a huge splash all season long!

Where to Buy Commercial Inflatable Water Slides in Australia

When it comes to buying commercial inflatable water slides in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! as the leading manufacturer of inflatable slides down under, we offer families the most thrilling and affordable water slides around.

Made by Australians

Our office is located right here in Australia, so you can rest assured our slides meet the highest safety standards. We use only the most durable, UV-resistant PVC and strong seams that can handle tonnes of splashing and sliding.

Two sizes for maximum fun

We have most cost effective slides for both kids and adults in two sizes: 3 metres high and 4 metres high. The smaller slides are perfect for little thrill seekers, while the bigger yet amazing priced slides offer an exhilarating ride for teens and adults.

Everything included

Each slide comes with its own powerful blower to keep it inflated, and we provide all the necessary straps, stakes, hoses, and repair kits so you’ll be sliding in no time. We even include a handy storage bag for the off-season.

Affordable summer fun

Compared to other amusement park rides, our commercial inflatable water slides represent the best value for families. For a fraction of the cost of a family ticket to a theme park, you can have your own private water slide paradise all summer long.

Where to buy

The easiest way to purchase one of our exciting commercial inflatable water slides is through our website. We offer free shipping within Australia and fast delivery to most areas. You can also find our slides at various retailers throughout Australia, including several pool supply stores and big box retailers.

Make a splash this summer and turn your backyard into an inflatable water slide paradise! Our commercial grade slides are built tough for seasons of slipping, sliding and splashing fun. Take your family fun to the next level with an inflatable water slide from Australia’s leading manufacturer.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing an Australian Standard comply Water Slide

Are you looking to purchase an exciting new water slide for your business or home? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of inflatable water slides that meet the Australian Standard for safety and quality. Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about our slides.

What standards do your water slides meet?

Our water slides comply with Australian Standard 3533.1 2009 for amusement rides and Australian Standard AS1926.3 – 2010 for pool circulation systems. We also follow Occupational Health and Safety guidelines to ensure maximum safety for riders and operators. You can feel confident that our slides are high quality, durable and thrilling!

What sizes and styles do you offer?

We have single lane slides, double lane slides, obstacle courses and more in a variety of heights and lengths to suit any space. Our slides range from 4 meters to over 10 meters high with lanes up to 6.5 meters wide. We have mild beginner slides as well as extreme, heart-pounding rides for the adventurous. No matter what you’re looking for, we have an exciting inflatable water slide option for you!

How much do your water slides cost?

Prices for our commercial grade inflatable water slides start at around $3500. Cost depends on the size, style, included accessories and current promotions. We frequently run sales and special deals to help new businesses get started. Don’t forget that the price includes delivery, set-up and operator training to ensure your slide is ready for riders as soon as it arrives!


As you’ve seen, inflatable water slides are an exciting addition to any home or business. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect slide to thrill both kids and adults alike. Whether you want an epic multi-lane racing slide, an action-packed obstacle course, or a classic curvy slide, the possibilities for fun in the sun are endless. This summer, make a splash and turn your backyard into an inflatable water park paradise. With the sizzling weather, there’s no better way to beat the heat. Slip and slide the day away – the memories you’ll make will last long after the sun goes down.

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