Commercial Inflatable water slides and dry slides on sale

Inflatable Slides! Make sure you get what you pay for: commercial grade products designed to last.

At Inflatable Slide, we’re on a mission to make commercial grade inflatable slides affordable for all Australians. No more scams, just high-quality products, fair prices, and exceptional service.

We source our slides directly from trusted manufacturers to ensure they meet Australian standards and come with a minimum two-year warranty. Plus, we offer free delivery across the country.

With clients ranging from schools and daycares to families looking for backyard fun, our team is dedicated to finding the perfect slide and ensuring a positive experience from start to finish.

Our top priorities are customer service and satisfaction. If you’re in the market for an inflatable slide you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. At Inflatable Slide, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality, service, and value around. Check out our total range of commercial blow up water slides on sale in this web shop page.

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Guaranteed Best Prices in the Market

We guarantee the best prices in the market, so you never have to worry about overpaying for your inflatable slides. We strive to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, so you can enjoy your summer fun without breaking the bank.

Australian Standard Guaranteed With Inhouse Warranty Claims

At Inflatable Slide, we pride ourselves on sourcing high-quality and reliable inflatable slides from reputable suppliers all over the world. Our rigorous supplier vetting process ensures that all of our products meet safety standards and are of the highest quality. When you choose our products, you can trust that your purchase is safe and secure. Look no further for the best quality, service and value for your inflatable slide needs. Choose Inflatable Slide today.

How to claim warranty in a rare case

Are you considering buying a commercial-grade inflatable slide for either your business or family? Investing in an inflatable slide is no small task, and you are absolutely right to want to protect that investment by investing in a quality product with a warranty. We guarantee that warranty issues are rare with our products. But We understand the level of worry inherent when making such an important purchase, which is why we’re here to help. You simply need to contact us in case of a warranty claim . we’ll handle the rest including delivery and returns: we’ll explain how warranties work and show you how to claim them should anything unfortunate occur. Keep reading as we delve deeper into this topic, helping ensure your peace of mind!