Why Every Birthday Needs a Commercial Grade Inflatable Water Slide

You only turn seven once, so make this birthday one for the ages with an epic inflatable water slide party! Forget pin the tail on the donkey, smash the piñata, or pass the parcel. This year, you’re going all out to give your mini-me and their thrill-seeking friends an unforgettable experience they’ll chatter about all year. Picture this – the excitement on their faces as they clamber to the top of a towering commercial-grade slide, hearts pounding with anticipation. The squeals of delight as they zoom down and splash into a pool of cool, refreshing water. After a few goes, they’ll be pros, racing each other to the summit for another thrilling ride. An inflatable water slide party is the gift that keeps on giving, with memories of fun in the sun that will last long after the cake has been devoured. This is a birthday bash your child will never forget!

Create an Epic Birthday With an Inflatable Water Slide

An inflatable water slide is the key to an epic kids birthday party. The thrill of zooming down a giant slippery slide into a splash pool will create memories that last for years.

A Unique Experience for Little Ones

For children, an inflatable water slide is a totally unique experience. The excitement builds as they climb the steps to the top of the towering slide. Their laughter echoes as they whoosh down the slide, splashing into the pool below. The wide grins and sounds of joy are priceless.

Safety First

Choose commercial grade Australian standard water slides for peace of mind. Properly installed and securely anchored, these inflatables are designed with safety features like enclosed sides, non-slip surfaces and splash pools that cushion the landing. Kids of varying ages can enjoy sliding together under adult supervision.

A Centrepiece Attraction

An inflatable water slide makes a stunning centrepiece for any birthday party. As guests arrive, all eyes will be drawn to the huge, brightly coloured structure. Kids will be clamouring for their turn on the thrilling slide. The slide itself and the hilarity it incites become the focus of fun, bonding the group together through a shared experience they’ll talk about for years to come.

Creating Lasting Memories

In the end, it’s all about creating memories. An inflatable water slide birthday party delivers an unique experience that forges bonds of friendship and creates nostalgia for simpler times. The sounds of laughter and splashing will echo long after the final birthday cake is eaten. A commercial grade inflatable water slide is a gift of memories that no one will soon forget.

Why Inflatable Water Slides Make the Perfect Party Centrepiece

Why inflatable water slides will make the centre of attraction of the party. An inflatable water slide is guaranteed to make a splash at any birthday party! Kids of all ages will have an absolute blast slipping, sliding and splashing the day away.

The Ultimate Party Centrepiece

Inflatable water slides turn your standard party into an epic event that kids will be talking about all year. As the eye-catching centrepiece of any celebration, a water slide creates an experience like no other. The thrill of the climb, the anticipation of the slide, the cheers of encouragement from friends – it’s pure excitement from start to finish.

A Unique Experience for Little Thrill-Seekers

For kids, the chance to zoom down a gigantic inflatable slide and splash into a pool of water is a dream come true. An inflatable water slide offers a unique experience that taps into a child’s sense of adventure. The opportunity to defy gravity and speed down a slippery slope will have kids lining up again and again for another turn.

Safety First

Don’t settle for just any slide – for maximum safety, fun and durability, choose a commercial grade slide that meets Australian safety standards. Properly anchored, commercial slides are specifically designed to handle the demands of a busy kids party. Read this guide on your inflatable water slides risk management for professional insights. Their reinforced construction and non-slip surfaces ensure that your little thrill seekers can enjoy themselves fully without worry.

Make your child’s next birthday one for the books with an inflatable water slide party they’ll never forget! An unforgettable party centrepiece, a water slide offers a unique experience that creates cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Unique Benefits of Water Slides vs Other Party Attractions

A commercial grade inflatable water slide is guaranteed to make your child’s birthday party the event of the season! These massive, colourful slides will transform your backyard into an aquatic amusement park and provide hours of entertainment for kids and kids at heart.

Unparalleled Thrills

Compared to standard party attractions like bouncy castles or obstacle courses, water slides take excitement to the next level. The sheer thrill of rushing down a giant, winding slide at breakneck speeds and splashing into a pool will have kids squealing with delight. The adrenaline rush is addictive – your guests won’t want the fun to end!

A Unique Experience

For many children, a water slide birthday party will be their first experience with such an extravagant attraction. The memories they make zipping, slipping and splashing with friends will last for years to come. An epic water slide is a unique treat that sets your party apart from the typical fare. Your child will feel incredibly special on their big day.

Limitless Fun

While other party activities eventually become repetitive, water slides never get old. There are endless ways for kids to enjoy the slide, from racing each other to the bottom to making the biggest splash. They can slide solo, in pairs, or as a group. The various lanes, curves and tubes of a large commercial slide offer new thrills with every ride. Your party guests won’t want to leave!

A water slide is the ultimate birthday party showstopper that provides an unforgettable experience kids will talk about all year long. Splashing into fun and adventure, it’s a celebration your child and their friends won’t soon forget. An epic inflatable water slide is a gift that keeps on giving thrills!

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Inflatable Water Slide

A birthday party isn’t complete without an epic attraction like a commercial grade inflatable water slide. If you want your child’s party to be the talk of the town, a water slide is the way to go. Kids will have an absolute blast slipping and sliding all day. Here are some tips to help you choose the best inflatable water slide and make it the star of the celebration.

Size Matters

For maximum fun, go big or go home! Look for a water slide that can accommodate at least 10 kids at once. The bigger the slide, the more thrilling the ride. Giant slides, like the Hurricane or Tsunami models, will ensure all the party guests get a turn.

Safety First

Only consider slides that meet Australian safety standards. Commercial grade slides from reputable brands are constructed from high quality, durable materials and designed with safety features like secure netting, non-slip surfaces and a sturdy, stable structure.

Extra Features

Look for a slide with added extras like an attached splash pool, slippery slide lanes, climbing features and sprayers. These additional elements enhance the sliding experience and give kids more to enjoy. Some slides even have basketball hoops, sprinklers and water cannons!

Rental or Purchase

Renting an inflatable water slide is very affordable and convenient since the rental company will handle set-up and pack-up. However, if you have space to store one, purchasing a slide that can be used for many parties may save money in the long run. Either option is sure to make a splash at your child’s birthday bash!

An inflatable water slide is a party essential that will thrill guests of all ages. Follow these tips to find a slide that checks all the boxes for an unforgettable celebration your child will remember for years to come! The splashing good fun is worth every cent.

Look for Commercial Grade & Australian Standards for Safety

When it comes to an epic birthday party, you absolutely must have a commercial grade inflatable water slide! Nothing says “best party ever” like sending your friends zooming down a huge, slippery slide into a splash pool. But for safety, always choose a slide that meets Australian standards.

These professionally designed water slides are made of heavy-duty vinyl that can withstand hours of sliding fun. Their sturdy construction means kids of all ages can go wild without worry. Compared to a basic backyard slide, commercial inflatables offer higher walls, deeper landing pools and faster, curlier slides that kids will love!

To ensure the highest safety, search for slides certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3533. This means the slide has passed rigorous testing to verify its strength, stability and overall awesomeness! Certified slides will prominently display the StandardsMark to give you peace of mind.

The next step on your purchase

Once you’ve selected a spectacular slide, call the rental company to schedule delivery and setup. When party day arrives, the crew will arrive early to inflate and anchor the mammoth slide, then stay for supervision. They handle the hard work while you focus on the fun!

With an epic commercial slide, your birthday bash will be the talk of the town. The sounds of laughter and splashing will make memories that last for years. And the giant, slippery thrill ride at the centre of it all will make this a party kids never forget!

For an over-the-top party kids will rave about, choose a certified commercial grade inflatable water slide. It’s the safest, most exciting way to make a splash they’ll never forget!

Consider Slide Size, Features and Age Recommendations

A commercial grade inflatable water slide is a must for any epic kids birthday party! These massive slides will instantly transform your backyard into an exhilarating water park and make you the coolest parent ever.

Kids will go wild for the thrilling curves, slippery slopes and splash pools of these mammoth slides. Some slides feature obstacle courses, climbing walls, and splash pools at the bottom to maximise the fun. The excitement and laughter will be nonstop as kids race to climb the stairs and zoom down the slides again and again.

For maximum wow factor, choose a slide with exciting features like:

  • Twisting, turning tunnels
  • Steep drops
  • Splash pools
  • Climbing obstacles

The larger the slide the better for an unforgettable party. Look for slides at least 4 to 5 meters high with multiple lanes so kids can race each other. The higher the slide the faster the speeds, so make sure any slide you choose has proper safety features and is recommended for the age groups attending the party.

An inflatable water slide party is a unique experience most kids have never had before. They’ll be talking about it for years to come! The memories of zooming down an enormous slippery slide and splashing into a cool pool will make this a birthday your child will never forget. We suggest something like the double bay inflatable water slide for a perfect party entertainment.

For the best quality and safety, choose a commercial grade slide from a reputable company that adheres to strict Australian safety standards. Residential slides may seem cheaper but won’t last as long or provide the same level of safety. A commercial grade slide is a worthy investment that can be used for many parties to come.

Make a splash at your next party and turn your backyard into an exhilarating water park with a thrilling commercial grade inflatable water slide! Your kids and their friends will love you for giving them an epic birthday experience they’ll never forget.

Where to Buy Quality Inflatable Water Slides in Australia

Looking to make a splash at your little one’s birthday this year? An inflatable water slide is just the ticket! These mammoth slides will transform any party into an unforgettable extravaganza. The best part is, you can now find high quality, safety-certified slides right here in Australia. Please visit our Australian standard commercial grade inflatable water slides section here to get amused.

For the biggest range and most thrilling slides, check out companies like Inflatable World, Big Fun Party slides, and Jump 4 Fun Party slides. We offer slides up to 18 metres long, with splash pools, climbing walls, and obstacle courses. Their slides are made of heavy-duty PVC and tested to Australian safety standards so you can feel good letting the kids loose!

Thinking of of renting?

Rent one of their triple lane slides or mega obstacle courses and watch the laughter and excitement unfold. The kids will spend hours slipping and sliding to their heart’s content. And don’t worry, the splash pools have shallow water, so non-swimmers can join in the fun too.

Can’t decide between a waterslide, jumping castle or obstacle course? Get the best of all worlds with a huge combo unit. These massive structures provide hours of entertainment with climbing areas, ball pits, tunnels and of course, an exhilarating slide finale!

Always go for commercial grade for your business

For the ultimate birthday thrill, go for one of the new commercial grade slides. These pro-level slides stand up to 6 metres high with near vertical drops, sending riders careening into an enormous splash pool at the bottom. Not for the faint of heart!

Whether you choose a standard slide, combo unit or commercial beast, an inflatable water slide is guaranteed to make your child’s birthday an epic celebration they’ll never forget. And the best part? When the party’s over, the company will come pick up the slide – leaving you with an exhausted birthday boy or girl and a backyard as good as new!

Setting Up and Operating Your Water Slide Safely

Setting up an inflatable water slide in your backyard for an epic birthday bash is sure to make you the coolest parent on the block! Follow these tips to ensure maximum fun and safety for all the thrill-seeking partygoers.

Choose a flat space

Select a large, open area in your yard that is level and clear of any debris. Commercial grade inflatable water slides can be up to 7 meters high and 16m long, so you’ll need plenty of room. Grass, concrete, or dirt will all work fine as a surface.

Secure the anchors

Inflatable water slides come with ground stakes and tie-down straps to securely anchor the unit. Hammer the stakes deep into the ground at an angle through the loops at each corner of the slide. Double check that the straps are tight and the slide feels firmly in place before letting the kids on – safety first!

Connect to power

Most commercial inflatable water slides require one or more heavy-duty air pumps to keep them fully inflated. Ensure you have access to power outlets nearby and enough extension cords to reach around the entire unit. Constant airflow is key to keeping the slide inflated and preventing collapses.

Check the water flow

If your slide includes water features like a giant tipping bucket, sprayers or a pool at the bottom, test that the water is flowing properly before the party starts. You’ll want a steady stream of water to keep everyone cool and soaked without flooding the area. Place a tarp or drainage system under the slide to prevent excess water buildup.

Go over the rules

Review the operating instructions and safety guidelines provided with your specific water slide model. Ensure all kids and parents understand how to properly use the slide to avoid injuries. Establish rules like one slider at a time, no rough play, and always slide feet first before the fun begins.

With some advance setup, an inflatable water slide in your own backyard can lead to a birthday bash your child will never forget. Follow these tips and get ready to make a splash at the coolest party of the summer!

FAQ: Answering Common Questions About Inflatable Water Slides

An inflatable water slide is the key to a fun and memorable birthday party! If you’re looking to make a splash at your child’s next birthday, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about renting a commercial-grade inflatable water slide.

How big are commercial water slides?

Inflatable water slides come in all shapes and sizes to suit any age group or party size. For a typical children’s birthday party, you’ll want a slide that is at least 8 to 10 meters long and 4 to 6m high. The larger slides, some up to 16 meters long, are best for community events, school fundraisers or teen parties. No matter the size, a quality slide should be made of heavy-duty PVC or vinyl material and conform to Australian safety standards.

How much do water slides cost to rent?

Rental fees for a basic kids slide for a day start around $300 to $500. Larger, more deluxe slides with extra features like a pool, splash pad or obstacle course can range from $500 up to $1500 or more per day. Most rental companies offer discounts for multi-day rentals or weekday rentals versus weekends. They may also have package deals that include extras like tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. Shop around at different companies to compare quality and the best value.

How long does it take to set up and deflate a water slide?

On average, it takes 2 to 3 hours for the rental company to set up a mid-sized water slide. They will arrive 1 to 2 hours before your party start time to begin installation and inflate the slide, then stay for an hour after the party ends to deflate and pack up the equipment. For larger slides, setup can take 3 to 5 hours or more. Make sure you account for this time in your party planning and schedule!

What safety precautions should I take?

Always follow the guidelines provided by the rental company for proper use of the slide to avoid injury. Key things to keep in mind:

•Only 2 to 3 children should go down the slide at a time. No chains of people or riding double!

•Children must go down the slide feet first while lying on their back. No head first sliding.

•The landing area at the bottom of the slide should be clear before the next child goes down.

•No sharp objects, loose clothing or swimwear with metal parts should be allowed on the slide.

•Adult supervision is required at all times, especially for younger kids.

•Deflate slides if winds exceed 15 to 20 miles per hour.

With some advanced planning, a commercial grade inflatable water slide can make for an unforgettable birthday experience. Have fun and stay safe!

Make it look like kids were in an inflatable amusement park for the birthday

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party, especially when you’re a kid? But if you really want to make this year’s party one for the books, you need to go big—and by big, we mean huge inflatable water slides! Commercial grade inflatable water slides are the perfect way to transform your backyard into an amusement park paradise.

Go big or go home!

When it comes to inflatable water slides, bigger is always better. Look for slides that are at least 4-6m high with multiple lanes so all the kids can race and splash around together. The higher and faster the slide, the more thrilling the experience will be. Your party guests will be bouncing off the walls (and sliding down them!) with excitement.

Make a splash!

What fun is an inflatable water slide without the water? Attach your garden hose to the top of the slide and let the water flow. The kids will love zooming down and splashing into the pool at the bottom. For extra fun on a hot day, you can also set up sprinklers, water cannons and slip ‘n’ slides leading up to the giant main attraction.

Safety first.

When renting an inflatable water slide, only choose ones that meet strict Australian safety standards so you can rest assured the kids will have a blast without getting hurt. Look for durable, puncture-resistant material and secure anchoring so the slide stays firmly in place. Proper supervision and rules like “one slider at a time” and “no rough play” will also help prevent injuries.

Capture the memories!

Don’t forget to document all the squeals of joy and delight! Designate someone as the official party photographer to snap lots of pics and videos of the kids zooming, splashing and playing on the huge inflatable water slide. They’ll surely want to relive the experience again and again. An epic inflatable water slide birthday party is a day your child and their friends will never forget!


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