100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kalisha Holdings has been a godsend. Their commercial grade slides allowed me to finally source excellent quality products that I can rent out worry-free. Not only did they provide attentive after-sale service, but their delivery service was also hassle-free, convenient and all-inclusive. It’s easy to see why they deserve to be your first choice for inflatables. I highly recommend Kalisha Holdings for all your commercial needs.

Mark Jance

This service is fantastic–you can tweak EVERYTHING! It’s a game changer for the commercial inflatables market and I’m excited to see how it continues to improve. I’ve had loads of great experiences with this, THANK YOU!

Barry Fowler / Adventure kids

Inflatable-slide.com.au is unparalleled! I usually buy jumping castles and water slides from different suppliers, and there always seems to be a snag – product delays or additional fees post-invoice. Not with these guys! Their purchasing process is effortless, and they delivered to my doorstep with continued after-sale service. They still call regarding the slide’s quality, even long past the warranty period. Impressive, right?